Sunday, May 22, 2016

Roadtrip Day 5: Youngstown, OH to Scranton, PA

Rain, rain go away..... Today was wet Pennsylvania day. With heavy morning fog, they did not think they would make it to their planned destination (Scranton, PA) as shown on their Glympse planned itinerary:

but they did reach Scranton mid-afternoon and are now sitting 50 miles short of the New York state border. The hilly Appalachian mountains gave them some good roller coaster entertainment they could have done without.

They now have enough fuel points for one shower. One shower - any taker? ..... hmmm it seems they are enjoying their ripened state or they just want to have the Star Asia Buffet dinner place across the street to themselves. Warning to locals: avoid 6-7pm EST at Star Asia Buffer tonight.

Weather permitting, they should arrive at their final destination, Mystic, CT, tomorrow afternoon!

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