Wednesday, May 18, 2016

And she is off!

Yesterday, the local paper announced the departure with a nice article and a farewell video. With pancakes-filled bellies and their favorite java juice, the boys departed this morning at 6am to avoid traffic.

Alizée did not look that oversized on the road and she made it up the US36 hill , and onto I70 without a hitch. Apologies to our dear neighbors for leaving so early without a formal goodbye. She was so ready to go.  Off to exciting Kansas!


  1. I will certainly miss seeing her in the driveway, but am looking forward to following her adventures. Bon voyage!

  2. So excited that you have made it to Mystic! We have made a similar trip back in 2014, and know the many challenges you faced! Hope you have a fantastic time! Let the fun begin!


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