Sunday, May 15, 2016

60 feet down, 10,560,000 feet to go!

It only took 30 min of eagle eyes and intense focus to take Alizée out of her driveway. I think she is ready to go herself.  She scrapped her knees a little on the driveway, and tried to catch one of her stanchions on the roof, but other than that, she just slid right down.

Blocking the street again but only for a short time this time not like flip day ;)


We'll keep her in front of the house for a day or so to finish her provisioning and to wait for a weather window as state permits don't allow driving her in the rain.

Rain came after we moved her like a sign of sadness from the neighborhood who grew so accustomed to seeing her. Driveway looks so empty now. Like Shelby said "this is a site for sore eyes" after 6 years.


You did it Captain! Isn't she pretty in front of the house? You sure you want to move her to the water?


  1. Yeah! The Connors are off sailing again (almost). Good luck on the drive. I look forward to following your adventures.

  2. We'll miss seeing the boat around here. Was the highlight of our dog walks.


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