Monday, June 6, 2016

Things are Happening!

After so many days of waiting, David (son in law flew out to help the old man) and I are making progress. We have the mast built up, except for one clevis pin that seems to have taken a walk. The shortened headstay is back from the riggers and this afternoon we lifted Alizée off her trailer and now she's resting in the slings while we put a few coats of antifouling paint on the bottom of the keel bulb, which hasn't seen daylight in awhile. We're going for the inverted orca look.

The weather looks great tomorrow (sorry about Colin, Cath), so we should be splashing down first thing in the morning and moving to an adjacent work slip to step the mast and finishing rigging. At long last we will finally know for sure whether or not she floats! Unfortunately, things look nasty Wed. and windy, windy Thurs. I'm anxious to see the sails actually fit the spars, but we'll just have to be patient. And speaking of patience, just 11 more days until I see my Honey again!

In the meantime we're enjoying Mystic. In the end, we might just keep her in a slip up here rather than down the river at Noank. It's a longer haul from here to get to the Sound for sea trials, but much more convenient to other 'stuff'.

Wish us luck for the big day tomorrow!

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