Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits

I've been cutoff from the blogosphere with no phone and no Internet: implies no posts. We sorta have Internet in the marina but they want you to, gasp, pay for it. I thought the inalienable rights of any modern civilization were free education, medical care, and Internet. Guess not. On all counts. Of course, I'm not what you would call a civilized man. Anyone who, except Spencer, who can source that quote in my person, can have a free beer. The phone's another story. Best theory is that crawling out on the bowsprit with phone in pocket is not a good idea. I hated that phone. So I bought another just like it.

Our boat lunches are looking up. Check that out - a panini! We (really David) found a micro griddle/grill that fits over the front two burners of stove. I made the bread this morning. If you believe that, check out the Mystic bridge and get back to me for a unique opportunity.

I really wish we had a shot of the spinnaker we flew this morning, straining at the dock lines. I have this kite on a top down furler, but to get it onto the furler you first hoist it freehand and then roll it up. Of course, the wind shifted and it promptly filled with a crack against the pilings. We had a bit of a scramble to get it under control and rolled up while carefully flying it between pilings to avoid a tear. So no photos, but it is pretty!

My Honey is coming in tomorrow, so I took a trip to a local barber shop to get cleaned up a bit. We finished up a handful of miscellaneous boat projects. David gave the entire deck a good scrubbing and she looks great. Our small solar array seems to be holding its own. One week and we haven't had to run the engine to charge the batteries.

More bad news on the sails. Now it's Saturday. Even worse, there seems to have been a communication problem and the guy working on the mainsail didn't know that the luff reef hardware needed modification, so it could be even longer. Bloody hell that's driving me crazy. If we can't pick up at least the mainsail tomorrow, we may motor out of the river and calibrate the autopilot. Not much else to do until we have sails. Curse these makers of sails.


  1. Your former employer says the quote was from Captain Nemo.

    1. C'mon over Jim to get your free beer 😉 we will miss you guys dearly at the festival. There is still time to get tickets 😁

  2. Wish we could be there!. So exciting for you two! All the work and money is about to pay off.

  3. Damn it Jim, you just had to go let my wife, and the whole World for that matter, know that there was money to pay off. I told her it was just a lot of hard work. I'm taking your beer back ...


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