Saturday, June 18, 2016

Goodbye and Hello

While cruising and, sometimes, even while stuck in a bloody marina you meet some interesting characters and, inevitably, you pay the price of their company with a goodbye. We've had the pleasure of hanging a bit with Steve and heard some of his story. It would not be proper to repeat it here. Suffice to say, he has been around taking care of a passed friend's last work of art, a 65' foot wood sloop that has had the misfortune of hard times and a sordid recent past. Steve is a man of boats and on a mission to bring his current steed into shape, launch out of Annapolis, and sail somewhere. Anywhere. Else. Though many futures are possible, chances are we'll never see Steve again. So, we say goodbye, remember this week where we crossed on the docks, and recall his wicked wit with a chuckle.

While Steve has heading out, Spencer is back with us. We've been working hard to get everything set for a first sail tomorrow. Wish us luck!

In the course of rigging the reef lines (which lower the sail a bit to reduce the pressure when the wind pipes up), we had a one ended halyard (halyards are the lines used to raise a sail). Where was the other end? Oh, oh. There it is about 50 feet up at the top of the mast. I have no idea how that happened, but there's only one option: climb the mast and bring it down. I guess Spencer was bored since he seemed rather eager to make the journey. Up he went and down he came, halyard in hand. Yea!

One of the little items different between boats and cars is insurance. We must carry liability insurance to even tie up or get hauled out of the water in many places. Being an owner built boat, I figured there would be no way we could get the equivalent of collision insurance, what we call hull insurance. Turns out, as long as a marine surveyor inspects the boat and finds it well found (sound), then the insurance company would be happy to take your money. Alizée had a spotless survey and shortly we'll be covered for less than the cost of insuring a car of 1/10th the value. Double yea!

Time is flying. This time next week we'll be in the Wooden Boat Festival and, shortly after, on our way North. All forces willing. Cheers!

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