Saturday, June 11, 2016

Battened Down

We are here. In a boat. Battened down. David is catching up on sleep. I take a different tack and sip hot coffee. Raindrops come big out here. Not much to do while the weather has us holed up, but we should have a nice, well at least sunny, weather stretch starting tomorrow. The only bummer is that it will be howling for a couple of days. I'm crossing my fingers that we can get out of the slip and onto the travel lift Monday for the survey. Sucks that I couldn't get anyone out while we were still on the hard (hauled out on dry land).

We finally heard back from the sail loft, who are buried getting sails ready for the Newport-Bermuda race in a week. Our sails will be ready Wednesday, but we have to drive up to Newport and schlep em back to Mystic ourselves. It doesn't look great for getting David out for a sail before he heads out. Ah well, best laid plans. He and Shelby will join us for a bit while we're in Maine.

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