Friday, May 20, 2016

Roadtrip Day 3: St Louis, MO to Mt Comfort, IN

Today was the longest day covering the shortest distance :( Did not quite make it to the Ohio border as planned, but crossed the Mississippi river. They are camping east of Indianapolis.

The Illinois state permit routed them on a two-lane road going 25 mph. Stressful, bumpy, with trucks overtaking them.  They are very proud to report that they had to pass a vehicle slower than them (farming equipment) on that two-lane road. That seemed to be the highlight of the day, aside from the international travels thru Paris, IL and Brazil, IN.

Sorry, no pictures today - roads were too bumpy for pictures, using binoculars for road signs, and even read the odometer at times.

Dinner upgrade today: Subway (still no shower though. eek..) Weather permitting, off to Ohio tomorrow!


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