Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roadtrip Day 2: Salina KS to St Louis MO

Another great day on the road. While Kansas was about quilting and yarn work yesterday, Missouri today was about churches, fireworks and "adult super stores" (sex shops we think!). 450 miles yesterday. 420 today. The sign was tempting but we are glad they opted to keep driving.

David, Shelby's husband being from Columbia, MO got a kick out of watching the boys pass by his hometown on the MODOT webcam. We even had Spencer wave at the camera. Serious!

Tonight, another healthy dinner at Denny's. Yum... Ugh...

Note to self #1: keep your fuel receipt to take a shower. Well yeah.. don't you know you use the last 4 digits of your receipt to unlock the truck stop showers. Duh!

Note to self #2: call the bank before you attempt to refuel the truck out of state. The list of states (10) in which the boys may use the credit card overwhelmed Chase to the point where it was easier to list their types of purchase for the next 5 days: fuel and food. No adult superstores for you boys!

Off to Illinois, Indiana and Ohio tomorrow.


  1. What an adventure. Congratulations. I sail out of New Bedford, but live in Connecticut. If they get jammed up in CT and need something, let me know. Probably, already know this, but their route to Mystic will have them passing within a few miles of Defender for any last minute odds and ends for the boat. Hope to see your boat out there. Everyone rushes up to Maine, but if you can take some time in Buzzard's Bay, Elizabeth Islands, Martha's Vineyard, etc. The water is actually warm enough to swim in, unlike Maine. Enjoy. Greg.

  2. Thanks Greg for the tips and your generous offer. We are definitely planning to see the New England islands on our way to Maine. Hope to meet you at the boat festival in Mystic.


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